Holiday Shop

Our Holiday Shop opens today.  This is a top secret opportunity for our students to shop for family members!  The shopping times for each class are listed below.  This shop is sponsored by our Parent Club.  If you send a check, make the check payable to GEORGETOWN PARENT CLUB.

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Reagan and the Parent Club


Wed 12/9 Thurs 12/10 Fri 12/11
9-9:30 Ball Greenlund Estefan
9:30-10 Wert Stadt Estefan
10-10:30 Wert Stutz Smith
10:30-11 Bohl Stutz Woodring
11-11:30 Bohl Burdis Walenta
11:30-12 Kuieck Quigley VanKoevering
12-12:30 McDonald Gort
1-1:30 Ray Bowen
1:30-2 VanderStel Yankee
2-2:30 Kooiker Yankee
2:30-3 VanArkel Bast
3-3:30 Flory Huizenga

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