What’s Coming Up – Week of March 28

Social Studies:

We will be having a social studies test over the Revolutionary War on Friday, March 25th. A review sheet came home on Wednesday to study for this test. Happy Studying!


    • Upcoming Dates for 5th Grade
    • On Thursday, March 31 at 2:00, fifth graders will view the reproductive health video.
      • Please see email sent last week for specific details.
      • If you wish to preview the videos, they will be available for parent review between March 15 and March 24. Videos must be watched at the school. If you want to review these, schedule a time with Mrs. VandenBerg, our librarian.  Her email:  jvandenb@hpseagles.net


  • If you DO NOT want your child to view the video with the grade level gender group, contact your child’s teacher.  You will need to make arrangements to pick your child up early (before 2 pm) on March 31.



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