Remember Niger

Hello Georgetown Families,

My name is Aiden Henderson.  I am in fifth grade in Mrs. Walenta’s class.  I have a passion for a non-profit organization called Remember Niger.

I first heard of Remember Niger through our church’s sponsorship.  nigerRemember Niger’s primary goal is to provide quality education to the Nigerian children in Niger, Africa.  With an education, they can provide for their country and make their country stronger economically. Schooling is very important to us kids here in the states, and it is very important to them too.  I was wondering if you would be interesting in supporting these kids in Niger and put a smile on their face.

This program is currently in need of money to purchase Mosquito nets, school supplies, desks, sponsorships of students, etc.  If you would like to support this organization, visit their website:  REMEMBER NIGER  Next, click on one of these links: ALTERNATIVE GIVING CATALOG or GENERAL DONATION.

If you have any questions, email my mom, Mary Henderson at

Thank you, Aiden Henderson.

Spirit Week

During our week before vacation, Georgetown will be showing our holiday spirit!  Each day we will have a theme to show off our festive side.

  • Monday– Christmas HAT and/or HAIR DAY
  • Tuesday– Christmas SOCK and/or SHIRT DAY
  • Wednesday– Christmas CHOICE DAY – Pick your favorite holiday bling or accessory to wear today!
  • Thursday– RED/GREEN DAY
  • Friday– PAJAMA or UGLY SWEATER DAY (Your Choice)

Holiday Shop

Our Holiday Shop opens today.  This is a top secret opportunity for our students to shop for family members!  The shopping times for each class are listed below.  This shop is sponsored by our Parent Club.  If you send a check, make the check payable to GEORGETOWN PARENT CLUB.

Happy Holidays!

Mrs. Reagan and the Parent Club


Wed 12/9 Thurs 12/10 Fri 12/11
9-9:30 Ball Greenlund Estefan
9:30-10 Wert Stadt Estefan
10-10:30 Wert Stutz Smith
10:30-11 Bohl Stutz Woodring
11-11:30 Bohl Burdis Walenta
11:30-12 Kuieck Quigley VanKoevering
12-12:30 McDonald Gort
1-1:30 Ray Bowen
1:30-2 VanderStel Yankee
2-2:30 Kooiker Yankee
2:30-3 VanArkel Bast
3-3:30 Flory Huizenga

Ski Club

Elementary Ski and Snowboarding Club: New for 2015-16.  The Hudsonville Ski and Board Club would like to invite students, siblings and parents of HPS Elementary Schools to purchase discount ski club cards to Bittersweet Ski Resort in Otsego. These cards allow discounted rates on lift tickets and rentals.  Monday is the official HPS club day, and we invite you to bring the family to Bittersweet for some fun with other HPS families.   Discount prices are also good everyday of the week after 3:30pm.  Registration due December 9 (tomorrow). Please contact Karman VanderStel at if you need a form or have questions.
Inline image 1

The Annual 5th Grade Candy Cane Sale is Officially Here!

The annual candy cane sale has returned. Our 5th grade classes will sell candy canes to help raise money for their end of year activities.
This year the sale runs from Monday, November 30 through Friday, December 11.    
The cost for each candy cane is $1.00 and they will be delivered the same day they are ordered.
Thank you for your support!

Holiday Program Details


holidayprogramThe big program is coming…It is this Tuesday evening, Dec. 1st!  Details of our K-5 holiday program are below.

 Where is the church?

Address: 2900 Baldwin Street  Hudsonville, MI 49426;  Fair Haven Ministries is located down the road from Georgetown Elementary at the corner of Baldwin Street and 28th Ave.  This program is led by Georgetown’s two music teachers: Mrs. VanRiijs Gr K-2 and Mrs. Bretz Gr 1-5.

What time do students need to be at the church? 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE PROGRAM

  • K, Gr. 1, Gr 2:  Arrive at 6:15 pm;  Performance at 6:30
  • Grades 3,4 and 5:  Arrive at 7:30 pm; Performance at 7:45

Where does my child need to go when they get to the church?

There will be signs at the church directing you to your child’s classroom assignment and also this information will be sent home prior to the program.  Below are the room assignments by grade.  To view a map of the room locations, click here:  fairhavenmap

  • K – Family Life Center
  • 1st – 100 Wing
  • 2nd – 400 Middle
  • 3rd – 100 Wing
  • 4th – 400 Middle
  • 5th – Family Life Center

How long will the program be? Each group will perform for about 30 minutes.

 What order are the grades singing?

K, followed by 1st/2nd grades; Grade 3 followed by 4th/5th Grades.

 Can we save seats prior to the program?

No. The only reserved seats will be for the directors, videographer, and teachers.

  • The doors to the sanctuary (where the children perform) will open at 6:15.  There is AMPLE seating so we want you to know that you will have a WONDERFUL SEAT no matter where you are seated.
  • Please be respectful and courteous to other families as you make your way into the sanctuary and during the performance.
  • WCET TV will be taping and televising the program so that families who are unable to attend can still see it.  If you do not want your child to be shown on WCET TV, do not attend the program.   Notify your child’s teacher and Mrs. Bretz/Mrs. VanRiijs that your child will be staying home rather than participating.

Math Facts Pro

In late spring of last year, our students grade 3-5 were assessed with the new online state test called the M-STEP.  This test measures all students across the state to compare their academic abilities in math and reading (grades 3-5) and science (gr 4) and social students (grade 5).

While watching our students take their first online test, we made detailed notes of systematic instructional changes to implement to better prepare our students for this coming spring’s M-STEP assessment.

One area that stuck out for mathematics was math fluency – the ability to complete basic math facts accurately and quickly.  The students who had strong math fluency were able to solve simple problems quickly and devote the bulk of their math assessment time to the higher levels of work needed for reading through the multiple steps of the math problem.

We have taken on this intervention in grades 1-5 so that by the time our students reach grade 3, they are strong in addition and subtraction facts.

In order to become fluent in math facts, children must practice everyday for 5-10 minutes.  We mathfactsproare building in as much time as possible in school through math lessons, intervention groups, multiple math apps along with one in particular called MATHFACTSPRO .  We like this program because it tracks student progress over the year at school and home.

Great features of this online practice for math facts:

  • Each student’s program is individualized based on the facts needing practice.
  • Students who know their math facts are more confident math students and have greater success in math.
  • Online math fact practice is more effective than paper flashcards.  This online program provides immediate feedback (correct/incorrect) and adjusts the level based on student needs.

How does my child use MATHFACTSPRO?

  •   After signing in, start practicing.
  •   The program will stop once your child has gotten 50-100 facts correct. (Pre-set by each teacher)
  •   Your child will see a chart of their fact progress – and you are able to view this as well.
  •   GOAL :  5-10 minutes of  MATHFACTSPRO each day for homework.  Teachers can check the program to determine who is doing their math homework each night.  Parents can also monitor progress.


Thank you for your support of your child’s learning through this simple and effective homework practice.  This is one skill that goes a long way toward building math confidence and it is as simple as daily practice.


Constitution Day

At Georgetown will be honoring the Constitution on Thursday, September 17.   Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine brave people on September 17, 1787.

To celebrate this day and the honor of living in a free  country,  we ask everyone to wear RED,  WHITE,  and  BLUE on Thursday.



ShoesThis week, we kick off our ONE AND ONLY SCHOOL WIDE FUNDRAISER, our ANNUAL WALK•A•THON.  Your donations make it possible for us to support online reading programs, books for the library and classrooms, parent/child events, at-risk families in need of clothing items and food, support for our classroom teachers (materials/supplies) and much more.

PLEASE DONATE.  Your money makes a tremendous difference in how we can support learning and family activities.  Last Friday, your child  brought home a yellow flyer about the WALK•A•THON. The walk-a-thon will be on Thursday Sept. 24. Wear blue and gold, or dress like a ninja, wear comfy shoes and support our wonderful school. Donations are due by Sept. 25th.

Welcome Back! :)

Dear Parents,

I enjoyed meeting everyone at Open House last Wednesday. I am very excited for school to start and I am looking forward to a great year!

Throughout our first week in 5th grade students will be sharing a talent that they have.   A sheet went home explaining more about this at Open House.

Lastly, below is important information regarding the safety of your children.  Please take the time and read through the information that is being shared with all Georgetown parents.
BACKGROUND CHECK: If you would like to attend a school event (field trip) or volunteer at school (classroom party), you must complete a background check.  Please take time to complete this now so that we are not scrambling to get background checks the week of a field trip or class party. The link to this form is below.

The district has streamlined the process allowing parents to access the form online (laptop, tablet or smartphone).To access the form online, please visit the website link here.

BUS PASS: Parents must submit a BUS PASS to the transportation office by 10:00 am the morning of the transportation change.  Parents will be notified by 1:00 pm if the change is approved or denied.  

This policy applies to grades 1-5.  Kindergarteners are NOT allowed to change busses.  The Gr 1-5 Bus Pass  can be found here.

CHANGES IN GOING HOME: We pride ourselves in making sure that all of the children are safe at school — constantly reviewing our procedures for security.  We feel the same way about the process of sending your children home at the end of the day.  We want to make sure that every single child goes home safely each day.

If there is a CHANGE in the plan for going home, you must contact the school before 2 pm on the day of the change.  You may also send a note to school with your child. The school must hear from you by email, phone or a note before 2 pm on the day of the change.  I do not always have a chance to check my e-mail before the end of the school day.

PLEASE avoid making changes mid-day.  When the office is contacted, the classroom is interrupted by intercom to inform me of the change.  This is a disruption in our learning environment. We understand that occasionally last minute changes do occur, however, when this becomes a pattern it is very disruptive to the classroom environment — and can cause anxiety with some children.  Limited changes means consistency which also means we are less likely to make errors.  We want your child to be safe and secure after school.

Thank you for understanding and please let me know if you have any questions.