What’s Coming Up – Week of November 10



  • The PE Cares food drive will be going on through November 20. For more information, check out the Georgetown PE blog.


  • We have begun Unit 3 about Multiplication and Division with Fractions.  Please have your child continue to practice their multiplication facts as well as watch the blog for homework assignments.

Social Studies:

  • We are beginning our third unit in social studies on colonization and  settlement in North America.  Check in with your child to make sure they are studying vocabulary for this unit.


  • We will be finishing the night sky/ solar system unit with a test on Thursday, November 13th. A review for this test will be coming home on Tuesday for your child to study.


  • In reading, we will be changing our focus to informational text.  We will be looking at text features and structures of nonfiction texts.

  • In writing, we are finishing up our literary essays, and we will be transitioning into our next unit which deals with with writing an informational piece.

  • Look for weekly spelling lists to come home. Please support your child in studying these words.

  • Our expectation is that students read 100 minutes per week. That averages out to be 20 minutes for each school night, but we know schedules are busy. Students may read 30 minutes one night and 10 minutes another. Please be checking to make sure your student is bringing their folder and book home each day.

What’s Happening the Week of November 3


  • We are looking forward to meeting all of you at conferences next week.

  • Book fair will be happening this week. Our class will preview the book fair on Tuesday, Nov. 4, and we will shop on Thursday, Nov. 6.  The book fair will be open during parent teacher conferences as well.

  • Fifth grade camp reminder: Additional money owed for your child to go to camp will be due by December 15.

Social Studies:

  • Students will be taking a test on Unit 2. A review packet was sent home this past week for students to study.

What’s Coming Up – Week of October 27


  • Oct. 28, school picture retakes

  • Oct. 29,  items will be delivered to school (pick-up between 3:00-5:15)

  • The 5th Grade Fall Party is scheduled for Thursday, October 30 from 2:15-3:15.  Party arrangements are already in process.

  • Oct. 31, No School- Records Day

  • Parent Teacher Conferences are Nov. 3, 5, & 6.  Watch for a note to come home with your child on Monday confirming your day and time.

  • Nov. 3-7, School Book Fair

  • Camp fees will be due by December 15.


  • We are finishing up our unit on decimals next week.  Please have your child practice their multiplication facts as well as watch the blog for homework assignments.

Social Studies:

  • We are wrapping up our unit by studying the triangular trade.  The primary focus will be learning about the impact this trade had on the people/culture from the three different continents.


  • We will be finishing up our night sky unit by looking at eclipses, constellations, and tides.


  • In reading, we are focusing on building theories about characters and gathering evidence to support those theories.

  • In writing, we will be working through the process of writing a persuasive essay. We will be analyzing a character and supporting our opinions with details and examples from a text.

  • Look for weekly spelling lists to come home. Please support your child in studying these words.

  • Our expectation is that students read 100 minutes per week. That averages out to be 20 minutes for each school night, but we know schedules are busy. Students may read 30 minutes one night and 10 minutes another. Please be checking to make sure your student is bringing their folder and book home each day.

What Is Happening the Week of May 13th!


  • A sack lunch note will be coming home for the students that want to order a sack lunch for Field Day.  Field Day is Tuesday, June 4th.
  • Look for a camp pick-up note to come home on Monday.  Remember camp is from Wednesday, May 22 to Friday, May 24.  We want the kids to come to school after all the other students have arrived and made it to their classroom; so make arrangements to drop your child off in the turnaround of the school on this day.  Pick-up will be about 2:00 on Friday.
  • Hudsonville Field Day T-Shirt forms are due May 17th.  Students should have received the red forms this week from the PE teachers.
  • 5th Grade Celebration is May 29th. Follow the links and check out the earlier blog post for more information.

Click this link to sign up to bring a food donation. Welcome to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:http://vols.pt/R6UAZ4

Click this link to bring you to the place you may sign up to volunteer your time! http://vols.pt/rBAsiU

Science: We are headfirst into our unit on Force and Motion. We have worked on defining, describing, and graphing motion. We have also worked on measuring speed by doing data collecting experiments with the use of tape measures and stopwatches.

ELA: This week our kids will begin their rough draft based on the research they have done in Social Studies.  Each student will write an opinion piece from the point of view of either a pre-revolutionary Patriot or Loyalist.

Math: In math, we have started our unit on metric conversions and understanding volume by studying cubes and prisms.

Social Studies: This week we wrapped up our research using primary and secondary history sources describing the major events that lead up to the Revolutionary War. We will wrap up our study of history this school year discussing the Revolutionary War.

What’s Happening the Week of May 6th

  • We look forward to seeing all of you on May 7th from 6:00-7:00 p.m.  for a 5th grade camp meeting at Georgetown Elementary in the cafeteria.  Due to the size of our group and limited space we ask that this be a parent only meeting.  We will have a separate meeting with the kids here at school.
  • Please have all camp paperwork returned by May 7th.  Remember we need a pink Health History form, a gold Medication form, and a green YMCA Facility form from each camper and chaperone.
  • A reminder that the safeties will be heading to the WhiteCaps game on May 20th. They need to bring money for lunch.
  • Keep an eye out for a list of specific donation wishes for 5th Grade Celebration. A list will be posted on our 5th grade blogs in the next few days. If you are interesting in volunteering please contact Yvonne Clark at myvictory@att.net or 616-662-1406.

What’s Coming Up- Week of March 4


  • Below is chaperone note for camp.  These are due by March 8.

Chaperone Volunteer Note

  • We will be taking the IOWA and COGAT ability tests this week.  Please make sure that your child has ample sleep and eats breakfast.  Thanks!

Math: We are in the middle of the multiplication fraction unit.

ELA: We are continuing our study of the historical fiction genre.  We have been reading in book clubs and we will begin writing their historical pieces this week.

Social Studies: Life of Colonial America is what we are currently studying. A new link for vocabulary is now on Mr. Gort’s and Mrs. Burdis’ blogs for kids to study the content vocabulary for this unit.  They can expect a quiz the week of March 18th.  Watch our blogs for quiz dates!

Science: The next two weeks students will be studying about the skeletal and muscular body systems.

What’s Coming Up- Week of February 4


  • Be on the lookout for a note coming home with your money balance for 5th grade camp.
  • We will be going to Tarry Hall for roller skating on Feb. 14th. This will be in place of our Valentines party. We will leave school at 9:00 and return about 11:30. We will be collecting money for this which will be due by Feb. 7th.  A note will be coming home soon with the students with further information. Parents may meet us for no fee at the rink if they wish. However, if you wish to skate it will cost you $4.00 at the door. Let us know if you have any questions.

Math: We are finishing up or study of fractions which included comparing fractions, finding equivalent fractions, converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vise versa, and adding and subtracting fractions/mixed numbers. The next unit we will continue our study of fractions by learning how to multiply and divide them.

ELA:  Working our way through the writing process, we will continue writing our informational writing piece. The students have enjoyed studying and looking up research from non-fiction texts. We hope to be finishing our informational texts in the next few weeks. Our next ELA unit will be reading and writing using the historical fiction genre.

Social Studies: We will continue to learn about the original thirteen colonies.  Starting next week the students will be put into groups and will be asked to create a skit describing an English settlement.  We will then begin to review our study about the colonization and settlement to get ready for a test in the middle of February.

Science: We have really been enjoying learning about the human body systems. Currently we are studying the respiratory system and will have a test on this system the beginning of next week. Our next body system of study will be the nervous system. The students have really enjoyed learning how all of these system work together in our amazing human body!


What’s Happening the Week of November 5

We have numerous happenings beginning next week.  

On Monday evening we will begin our Fall parent/teacher conferences.  Each year during conferences the Parents Club opens up the library and holds a Book Fair. It’s a great place to pick up a book to add to your child’s collection and/or give as a stocking stuffer!   Make sure you take a peek.  Each class has signed up for a time for their class to preview and then purchase books. Check with your child’s teacher’s blog for the date and time they are scheduled to go.

Another happening will be the kick-off to Mindful Giving.  Each class will be doing lessons about how we can be charitable both locally and globally.  Watch for details on your teacher’s blog about these two service projects Georgetown Elementary will be doing in November.

Please watch for a note that will be coming home asking for volunteers to help receive and distribute the Goodies Factory orders. Orders will be delivered on November 13th and ready for parent pick-up between 3:15-5:15.

Finally, we will be continuing with S.A.V.E. on Wednesday mornings.

We will continue working on decimals for the coming week. We will be adding and subtracting decimals and whole numbers. We will also continue to practice comparing two decimal numbers and putting them in order. During the early part of our week, we will have our first quiz of the unit. It will include writing a decimal number, comparing decimals, and adding/subtracting a pair of decimal numbers. Make sure to check your child’s math teachers blog for any updates.

Our week in ELA will consist of primarily reading as we begin our book clubs and study of literary essays.  Students have selected a book to read and have been partnered with some other classmates.  They will be reading their book and then meet with their group to discuss what they have read.  They will take notes on their discussion which will mainly focus on the internal(implicit) and external(explicit) characteristics of the main character.

Social Studies:  We will continue our study of the Southwest and Pacific Northwest Native Americans.  We will be studying the location and place of where they lived, what they ate, their culture and how they adapted and/or modified their environment after they migrated down from Northern North America.

Science: This week in science we will continue to overview the foundation concepts about the seasons and the Solar System. We will do this by taking notes and having discussions from a keynote. We will be having a vocabulary quiz  on Wednesday. Please have the students visit our blogs to study and practice for this vocabulary quiz.