What’s Coming Up – Week of September 14-18, 2020

We are starting to build many classroom routines! What a respectful group of 5th graders in room 305! 🙂 They have been very supportive and respectful of each other in spite of the unique start to our school year!


  • We are working on our first math unit, Addition & Subtraction with Fractions. 
  • As this unit unfolds, our focus will be to master our multiplication and division math facts. Please practice these at home. They can use the Moby Max Math site to practice their fact fluency at home.
  • ELA
    • We’re working on establishing strong independent reading.


  • Safety program will be starting on September 14. Mr. Cooley met with safeties on Friday to go over the schedule and expectations. 
  • Early release on Friday, September 18
  • Look for information being sent home  about this year’s  Walk-a-thon! 🙂

A Note From the STEAM Studio-

Please note that the STEAM teachers have always used Google Classroom as a learning tool in the STEAM studio.  All assignments that are posted while we are doing face to face learning will always be completed in class and should not be worked on at home.  I tend to post assignments ahead of time to work out any issues and students can ignore the email that a new assignment has been posted.  We use Google Classroom differently than the classroom teachers and it was causing a bit of confusion.  Please reach out to Mrs. Totten (atotten@hpseagles.net) if you have any questions!



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