It’s Summer Time! :)

It’s been a pleasure teaching your children his year! Thank you for all of the patience, flexibility, and grace surrounding the ever-changing expectations from this school year. It’s amazing to see where we were at the beginning and how much has changed.
I wish all my students that best as they begin their middle school adventure! Enjoy your summer! 🙂

GES Talent Show – Click the link to see some of our talented performers!

Summer Learning Opportunities 
  • Online Practice & Reinforcement Tools:
    • Khan Academy 5th-Grade– Free website that includes a screen-recorded teacher covering all of the 5th-grade math standards. Create a free account and pick a topic/module or two per week to work through and review math concepts.
    • MobyMax– Access through our Hudsonville Clever Portal to find review and reinforcement materials on a variety of math topics! Have your child click on the “assignments” section for a review of key math concepts prior to 6th grade.
    • Prodigy– Game-based math review system through our Hudsonville Clever Portal. I have spiraling topics scheduled throughout the summer for a review of key math concepts prior to 6th grade.
    • Independent Reading- Keep your child reading this summer! Visit the local libraries and find high-interest books for your child!
  • GES Available Tutors
Tutor Email ROOM Grade Subject Area Days Available Spring/Summer
Bethany Gates 202 K-5 Reading, writing, math, phonics T&W Summer
Karyn McIntire K-5 Reading, Math, Spelling M-Th Summer
Emily Kuiper 104 K-5 Reading, Writing, Math, Phonics T&W Summer
Full Pam Oosterbroek 105 K-5 Reading, Math, Spelling M-F Summer
Ashley Van Arkel 203 K-5 Reading, Math, Writing Tuesday Summer
Abbi Garrison 304 K-5 Reading, Math, Writing T&W Summer
    • Private Tutoring Option: Achieve Tutoring, Jenison; 616-916-8989

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