Social Studies

A note from Mr. Gort:

The students have been studying about the American Revolution and to help us learn more about it we will be learning about different battles between the Colonists and the British.

I have talked with students about bringing props (not a necessity) from home if they would like and one of the questions that came up was can we bring in guns and knives.  I answered this question with the following statement: you may bring in Nerf guns with no bullets and/or plastic knives as well as suggested to students that they can feel free to make a home-made gun or knife out of cardboard or other household items.  No cap guns, Airsoft guns, rubber band guns or knives that look like the real thing will be permitted at school.  If you are in question about a gun or knife please leave it at home or you may call or email me to get my opinion.  Thanks so much and have a great night!

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